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2015 Nissan GT-R Premium 820 WHP

This was a local GT-R that the owner brought to us to get it some more power. Owner wanted to get the engine upgraded while keeping transmission work for the next phase. We came up with some great options for our customer! Once the transmission is upgraded in next phase this car will be pushing 1000WHP

  • NEXUS Stage 1 3.8 Engine

  • Stock Transmission

  • NEXUS Stage 1 Turbo Kit with Titanium Intakes

  • Switzer Intercooler with BLUE TIAL Bov

  • Visconti Twin 485

  • 21" Custom Wheels

  • Carbon Front Lip Spoiler

  • HKS Exhaust

  • Cobb Accessport V3

  • And so much more!


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